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Treberden, wonderful seaside resort, lies on the western side of the "Granit
Rose" coast, one of the most spectacular of Brittany.

There you will enjoy fresh air, the magic of the changing hues of  sea and land, a large choice of activities and leasure: beach, hiking, windsurfing, sailing, scubadiving, angling and fishing, golf and one of the best sea food that can be found.
The blue lobster is renowned all over the world.

Ker Nelly Manor, built at the end of the 19th century in mock gothic oversees the haven, the sea, the Miliau Island,the Bay of Lannion and further on the coastline of Finisterre.
Its ideal situation and exposure(south-southwest) provides both calm and proximity to everything which is needed for a pleasant holiday (shopping, services, )

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Pour Toute Réservation, vous pouvez nous contacter par tel:06 45 70 46 13 ou par mail : kernellytrebeurden@gmail.com
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