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For the amateurs of natural sites, religious holdings, here are some suggestions of subjects to land on Trébeurden.
According to the periods of the year the scents postpone, colors change, the singings(songs) of birds are more or less listened....

The nature opens you its doors, take advantage of it !

Of "men", which means "stone" in Breton, and of "hir", that is "drawn up", menhirs are by definition drawn up stones, about ten of which Trébeurden has only. Some were brought down and reused, the others were destroyed by the father Maunoir, the big clergyman of the XVIIè century.
We notice that these curious stones are mostly set up in the same adaptation. For what reasons? We lend them various connotations.
Maybe nuns, menhirs being bound to a worship or maybe served as solar or astronomical indicators.

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